Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  Until what time do you serve breakfast?

ANSWER:  Breakfast is now available all-day.

QUESTION:  Do you have delivery service?

ANSWER:  Yes.  We deliver and we are in process of adding Uber EATS, Grubhub and Seamless.

QUESTION:  Why are the drinks on your website but not on the restaurant menu?

ANSWER:  Our drinks change frequently and have many specials, we added drink menu on the website to provide you with more detail. But availability and specials change, so please visit the café for a full list of fresh bar options on any given day.

QUESTION:  I noticed you are closed Monday and Tuesday why is that?

ANSWER:  Monday and Tuesday are typically slower days and as we ramp-up those are the days we chose to not be open.  Rest assured, we working hard toward full 7 day operation and expanded days/hours will come in the future.

QUESTION:  You have a good menu variety but what if I want something is not on the menu?

ANSWER:  We strive to provide you with many healthy choices to cater to your taste buds, if there is an item that you want and its not on the menu, so long as we have the ingredients we are more than happy to accommodate any of your requests.

QUESTION:  Do you have any promotions or discounts?

ANSWER:  Yes, we have various promotions that become available, please follow-us on Facebook for all the latest deals available.

QUESTION:  Do you have a rewards program?

ANSWER:  We are working to put one in place soon, please follow-us on Facebook for the latest.

QUESTION:  Do you offer catering

ANSWER:  Yes, please e-mail us for custom quotations.

QUESTION:  Do you offer private parties for special events?

ANSWER:  Yes, please e-mail us to reserve space for time and day, non-refundable deposit would be required for parties of 8 or more.

QUESTION:  What methods of payment do you accept?

ANSWER:  We accept all of the major credit cards, diners club, debit, cash and Apple pay.

QUESTION:  Is there parking on-site? And free?

ANSWER:  Yes, we are located in Redwood Shopping Center and there are plenty of parking available.

QUESTION:  Do you have vegan or vegetarian options?

ANSWER:  Yes, we are very vegan and vegetarian friendly, and offer many choices please visit our menu tabs for more information.