Lattes, Smoothies & More

Come in from out of the cold and warm up with one of our specialty drinks. We off high-quality Lattes, Cappuccino and Espresso to warm the spirits of our guests.

In addition, 2nd Street Pike Grill has a great selection of smoothies and cold beverages to brighten any day.

Fresh Bar Menu

Kale Smoothies
Healthy Smoothies

Filled with fruit, herbs, spices and vegetables.

  • Banana Smoothies
  • Kale Smoothies
  • Mix Fruit Smoothies

Hot Drinks

Imported Espresso, Latte’s and Cappuccino.

  • Specialty Coffees
  • Tea Drinks
  • Latte’s

Dinner Drinks

Juices, soft drinks, and more.

  • Kids Smoothies
  • Milk
  • Orange Juice